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Thought about adding together audio to your Web site yet? You should. While great copy does a good job of advertising your army and products, audio will augment the bring about of your words.

Audio gives you a more own link with your Web visitors. Collective psychologists tell us that humans are more expected to trust you if they can both see you and hear you. And prospects are more possible to buy from those whom they feel they know, like, and trust.

So let's think about how you can build that minute affinity with your prospects.

What Could YOU Do With Audio?

There are ad lib promise of what can be done with audio on Web sites and in e-mail, but here are seven clear-cut ideas to get you started.

1. Greet Your Homepage Visitors.
Welcome first-time visitors to your Web site with your own voice. It's a much radiator accept than text alone.

2. Conceive a Progression of Audio Lessons.
Audio education is hot! Teach your addressees via your voice in its place of just words on the page. Think about mounting a cycle of mini-audio instruction for your prospects.

3. Share Your Interviews.
If you don't have an interview clip already, ask a ally or colleague to conduct a short, dynamic interview with you via phone. Best ever it and post it at your Web site. Or, do a chain of interviews with other experts in your field and post them at your site to be listened to.

4. Samples of Teleseminars.
Want more signups for your free and/or paid teleseminars? Then start copy them. Pull out the highlights and post free clips of them at your Web site.

5. Pump Up Your Testimonials.
You in all probability previously have buyer testimonials on your site. Now add details to their brunt with audio. Have your customers album their testimonials in their own voices, and post them on your site along with their names and photos.

6. Make Your E-mails and E-zines Talk.
Liven up your e-mails by building them talk to your prospects, subscribers, and customers. The members on your lists will feel like you are right there with them. (And remember, it will be that individual link that encourages citizens to hire you or buy your products. ) Be the first in your activity to do this, and watch your facts rise!

7. Audio Postcards.
Reach out to your best customers and prospects for holidays, birthdays, or other elite occasions by distribution them an e-mail "postcard" accompanied with a face-to-face recorded message.

So What's the EASIEST Way to Post Audio?

In the past, addition audio to your site wasn't that easy. You had to any spend hours culture how to do it yourself, or pay a big cheese else to best it and host it for you. That's why I was never concerned in audio before. I may be the E-zine Queen, but no way am I a techie queen. In fact, my VCR still blinks "12:00 . . . 12:00 . . . 12:00. "

Here's the good news: There's a brand new curriculum that makes recording and redistribution audio ridiculously easy. It's called Audio Generator and was bent by Armand Morin, the same guy who fashioned PopUp Generator and a slew of other innovative "Generator" products. I signed up directly after he debuted this at the Arrangement 3 Round table in Ohio a few weeks ago.

Here's an illustration of how easy Audio Generator is: Say you want to add an audio welcome to your site this afternoon. Just call Audio Generator's toll-free hot line and best ever your message. Then, as soon as you hang up the phone, go log into their site. Ta da . . . your idea is ready and waiting, with a line of HTML code for you to copy and paste on your home page.

That's it!

Even better, you can do this an unlimited digit of times and have unlimited clips on your site (or manifold sites). You can also upload digital audio files up to 30 action in length, which I'm going to do for samples of my teleclasses.

Click here to get the full story, and see (and hear) The E-zine Queen's own audio tribute at the Audio Generator site.

Remember, It's That Delicate Association That Matters

Take some time today to think about what YOU could do with audio at your site and in your e-mails to add to bond with your visitors. Then decide at least one tactic to execute this month. It could be the best addendum you've made to your online marketing labors this year.

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown


Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," is biographer of the award-winning manual, "Boost Affair With Your Own E-zine. " To learn more about her book and sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at http://EzineQueenTutorial. com/


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