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Are you a website developer looking to begin a long-term affiliation with a web at ease bringer that could make money over the long-term for both of you? Have you painstaking appropriate an connoisseur in the if of website audio comfortable -- in webcasting and podcasting? Deliberate how to acquaint with web audio and how to deal with such a site can be your key to assembly money over the web.

It is hard to pick up a magazine about the web these days devoid of appearance upon an condition about the ever growing use of substantive audio contented in websites. Webcasting and podcasting are the rage. These websites can make money because of banner ads, click-throughs, and charging for downloads of audio content.

An audio-based website can include, for case in point real-time streaming of a radio talk show or an interview. It can also control archived materials, such as past shows, the alike of books-on-tape, and the like.

A web site developer can team up with the audio comfortable provider, using cost and revenue allotment in order to make the venture beneficial to both.

The sensation of such a venture can be keen by the use of low-cost audio. For instance, the audio could consist chiefly of streaming or recorded discussion about hot topics in intercontinental affairs, general politics, the economy, and trends and issues in our ever-changing culture, philosophy, and holy expression.

The likelihood of hit can also be delicate if the configure involves the same basic co-hosts, with the intermittent invited guest, where the co-hosts are knowledgeable, clear-speaking, with a sense of humor; but who also often find themselves on contrary sides of the issue under discussion. The spark of life attracts the visitor.

And deem me, there are audio contented providers with in-demand audio ready to team up with the right web developer. I know, since I am co-host of the US Virgin Islands-based and presently broadcast-based talk radio course known as Island Insight, with my co-host Randall Scott Johns. We are ready to move on to the web with live, streaming conversation, as well as archived shows. There must be others out there as well, ready to bestow you with the contented you need.

So, get ready for the future, for the coming is now. Get the word out that you know how to do it and you are ready to aim a high-quality product. Be a part of the future, and have fun doing it.

Ned Jacobs is an attorney in St. Croix, in the Virgin Islands, and can be found at edwardjacobs@yahoo. com, or at 7 Place of worship Street, Christiansted, St. Croix, U. S. Virgin Islands 00820; 340-773-3322; fax 340-773-2566.


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