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As use of the Internet continues to grow geometrically, we see an augmented challenge for in sequence to be provided by a array of media. Viewing options can range from down-to-earth text to PDF credentials to video clips. Unfortunately, each opportunity requires more and more assets and technological know-how. As junction moves inevitably forward, we have to ask ourselves if there is a concrete way to bloc the best of this know-how and still bestow the user with a filling Internet experience.

The answer, at this stage of Internet evolution, is audio.

Voice, by itself, provides the means to enhance a user's enjoyment of the Internet. Voice conveys many of the intangibles underlying the on paper word. A voice can touch the human character and cede a letter on its' own merits. Audio can build convergence and assert relationships.

Audio is the most mature of the streaming technologies and doesn't have the bandwidth rations coupled with video. Any Internet user involving at 28. 8k or advance can enjoy FM condition sound not including experiencing buffering and other annoyances that can concern video at lower bit rates.

It is conventional data that colonize only hold on to 20% of what they read, but they do commit to memory 70% of what they see and hear. That fact in itself increases the value of an audio communication delivered from a website for the classic user. And, the implications of how audio can add to Internet enjoyment for the handicapped are overwhelming.

Streaming audio provides Internet businesses with boundless opportunities to reach their listeners and to simplify their interactions. Streaming audio broadens a product's application and helps to stimulate sales. Colonize are comfortable with audio and have few reservations about using it in their day-to-day lives.

Retailers can integrate audio into their operations in quite a few ways. Use it to enhance consequence imagery and consign creation in order in ways far more believable than plain text. Booksellers can have "special events" that offer audio excerpts from preferred titles. Art dealers can use voice to give value added in rank on an dancer or a episode of chronicle depicted by an artist's work. (Think of those audio tours that museums offer. )

Organizations that dedicate yourself to in promotion enlightening tools can use audio clips for budding clients to preview and evaluate the background being offered. The aptitude to example the artifact is a compelling and doable promotion aid.

Business-to-Business sites and corporate Intranets can also channel the power of audio. The need to endow with up-to-the-minute in a row for employees and customers can be well served with streaming audio and the telephone. Integrating audio into the corporate broadcasting mix is a tool that is easy to use and addresses the need to be in touch with a circulated work force.

In both the retail and business-to-business marketplace, audio can and ought to be used to be adamant those all critical client relationships. Voice e-mail add a delicate touch that machinations the listener and encourages them to hang about on the site.

Employee exercise is awfully enhanced with audio. Use it to adjust new employees and keep the in a row archived on the site for easy reference. Sales exercise can also be archived and briefly retrieved when needed. The aptitude to offer made to order audio instruction resources on a 24/7 basis makes streaming audio a very versatile and able education tool.

Some words of caution are also necessary. Audio, just like any other value-added technology, has to be used judiciously. It be supposed to be employed for a aspect drive and to enhance the text based idea being delivered. Think of your interview and how you'd like them to cooperate with your website. Keep in mind that your visitor may be appearance to your site while they're at their place of affair and plan accordingly.

The forthcoming of streaming audio is brainy and full with promise. More and more Internet users have befit customary with streaming audio and use it everyday. Internet radio broadcasts are exceptionally common and are now being employed as actual marketing vehicles. Audio e-mail messaging is appropriate extensively existing and is being positioned as a convenient commerce tool. Patrons are attaching audio e-mail to welcome cards and experimenting with Internet telephony. Streaming audio will allow the be around Internet user the capacity to build comfort that conveys the power of voice and the emotions that it conveys.

So?why aren't you using audio?

Ronni Rhodes is the owner of WBC Imaging, an Internet circle that specializes in web site enhancement utilizing streaming media technology. With her husband, Don, a digital media engineer, they work with companies to incorporate streaming as part of booming and evocative sales and marketing programs.

Please address all questions and annotations to: Ronni@wbcimaging. com 520-742-5780 http://www. wbcimaging. com


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