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Many webmasters like the idea of adding up circumstances music to their web sites but most shy away from doing it nerve-racking about slow loading pages and large file sizes. There are many atypical ways to add circumstances music to your site and some of them don't call for large files to attain expert results. Let's appraise all the another ways to add circumstances music to your site and rate them to find the best blend for you.

1) MIDI Files

MIDI files are very small as they in point of fact use your sound card's built-in instruments to build the sounds. The badly behaved is that most sound cards don't have any adequate sounds to start with, plus no two sound cards sound alike and hence the domino effect are very unpredictable. MIDI files customarily sound like they're advent from one of those cheap Casio keyboards. Using MIDI for circumstances music is very possible to make your site seem amateurish. Want to know how to do it anyway? Just add the line to your site. (Replace xyz with the name of the MIDI file you want to use!) The Autostart be in charge will play the file certainly when the page is loaded.

PROS; Very small file size, easy to implement

CONS: Unpredictable results, inexpert sounds

2) WAV Files

Using the WAV file arrange allows you to add authority sounding recordings to your site but the conundrum is that even if you use a low condition locale like 11k/8bit, the file sizes are still very large and it will take a long time for your music to load. And slow loading pages are the worst thing that can come about to a site. Implementing a WAV file on a web page is easy. Just add the line to your page's HTML code. There's an bonus be in charge to loop the WAV file but WAV files do not loop cleanly with the embed command.

PROS: Many Characteristic Levels, Easy to implement

CONS: Large File Sizes, WAV Files do not loop

3) MP3 Files

MP3 files are amply compressed and don't take that long to load but the catch is that MP3s need to bring up an outdoor player curriculum and which in some cases takes your visitors away from your site altogether. Also, MP3 files don't loop cleanly.

PROS: Lesser File Sizes, Good Condition Possible

CONS: Needs exterior player software, not loopable

4) Flash

If you own a code that can coin Flash files, you will have lots of flexibility in addition sound to your site. Flash lets you import WAV as well as MP3 Files and then creates quite small files from these sounds that will load consequentially on your site. You can set the condition level and consequently choose how large you want the Flash file to be. Flash also allows you to loop short pieces of sound to conceive 'continuous' conditions music files that can be quite small. But desire note that only imported WAV files can be looped in Flash, MP3 files will not loop cleanly.

PROS: Great Flexibility, Small File Sizes, expecially when looping sounds

CONS: You need to buy costly Flash software to build Flash Files

5) Pre-Made Flash Loops

The newest thing on the marketplace are pre-built Flash Music Loops. These files are capably recorded, loop about indefinitely and most of these Flash Music Loops are only about 20k in size so they load approximately instantly. Flash Music Loops are free at http://www. flashmusictracks. com and at present there are three assorted loop junk mail existing in all kinds of music styles from classical to techno. Using these pre-built Flash files is easy. Austerely upload the "xyz. swf" Flash file to your ma?tre d' and add a few lines from the corresponding "xyz. html" file to your web page and presto. . . instant expert sounding credentials music.

PROS: Exceptionally small file size, expert characteristic music

CONS: None

As you can see there are many assorted ways to add circumstances music to your web pages and you don't have to worry about slow loading pages if you decide the right file format.

(c)2004 Alan Steward

About The Author

Article by Alan Steward, a certified copy foist and producer who worked with many Grammy award award-winning groups and musicians.

(c)2004 Alan Warden - http://www. musicleads. net


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